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10 things you need to know about Sport Climbing

Posted by Matthew Woodfield on Thursday, January 31, 2019, In : Top Tips 

  1. Sport climbing is a style of outdoor climbing where you climb up a rock face that has had bolts pre-placed on the route for you to clip your rope into as you progress upwards. 
  2. If you can lead climb indoors then you already have most of the skills you need, but knowing how to clip a bolt and thread a lower off to get back down safely are really important things to learn.
  3. When using a quickdraw one end should always be used on the bolt, where it may get scraped and form a sharp edge, and the oth...

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Scrambling Rack

Posted by Matthew Woodfield on Friday, January 18, 2019, In : Top Tips 

Scrambling cover a huge range off terrain from steep walking to easy climbing, so at times the use of a rope to protect you or others in your party is a good idea.

Scrambling grade vary a little from area to area,  but generally :

  • ·        Grade 1 = A steep walk, hands may be needed for balance.
  • ·        Grade 2 = Some tricky sections where the use of a rope to protect the leader or belay a second may be required.
  • ·        Grade 3 = An easy rock climb with sections of pitched climbing with...

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