How to find Wellbeing in the Outdoors

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So over these quieter winter months I find myself spending less time doing outdoor stuff and more time talking about it. I'm in a lucky position were I get to talk to government departments like tourism, sport and health and try to boost both our industry profile, and the impact we can have on the economy, health and happiness of the country. My most recent work has been with Public Health Wales, putting together an information sheet about how engaging in the outdoors benefits your Wellbeing. The official version will be released in the coming weeks complete with branding and imagery, but here is a taster for the key points we're highlighting: 

The Five ways to Wellbeing are simple daily goals that have been shown to help people’s wellbeing:

1. Get out and be active

Adventure activities can help us all get the 150 minutes per week of being active we need to stay healthy, as well as maintaining our strength and balance.

2. Learn something new

Whether it’s a technical skill, facts about the local history, or how to identify wildlife in the landscape, learning new things keeps our brains active and protects them from illness.

3. Give back

The act of giving makes us feel good. So whether it’s volunteering your time, knowledge, or just encouragement and support, remember to give something every time you’re out and about.

4. Make Connections

Being and feeling connected to others and to the natural environment makes people more resilient and able to cope, so getting out and being in touch with familiar, or new, people and places is good for our wellbeing.

5. Take notice

We all have lots to think about, and this can stop us from taking a breath and noticing the world around us. Stopping to take notice of the changing seasons, the beauty of the landscape we’re in, or just how we feel when we are with friends or doing what we enjoy is important for our brains.

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