How to Lower Off a Sports Climb

Posted by Matthew Woodfield on Wednesday, November 26, 2014 Under: Top Tips
On a recent Learn to Lead Sports climbing day I was teaching a client how to run through the process of threading a lower off in a safe and versatile way. I thought I'd share this process for everyone else to use, just remember that its best to practice on the ground 1st, and if you need any help, just give me a call and we can head out on a rock course.

  • Clip your rope into the lower off at the top of the route (using a quickdraw)
  • Clip your cowstail into the lower off (60cm sling and screwgate work best)
  • Pull a loop of rope down to you feet, then tie a clove hitch into a krab on your belayloop (you are now still on belay)
  • Untie your figure of 8
  • Thread the rope through the lower off
  • Retie your figure of 8
  • Untie the clove hitch
  • Unclip the quickdraw/s
  • Get you belayer to take you tight
  • Unclip you cows tail (only when you're sure you are on belay)
  • Lower away and retrieve your quickdraws enroute
There are quicker and less kit intensive ways of doing this, but this technique will work for any lower off you encounter and will keep you as safe as possible.

The BMC produced a great video on this, worth a watch if you're a visual learner.


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