Indoors to out - A climbing transition

Posted by Matthew Woodfield on Saturday, November 1, 2014 Under: Courses
 Most people start out climbing indoors, its warm and dry and safe(ish) all year round. You don't need much kit and there's always someone on hand to give advice if you need it. But its just the tip of the climbing iceberg - making the move to climbing outside opens the door to climbing in spectacular places at home and abroad, you just need a little more kit and a few more skills.

Last week I ran a "Moving Outside" day on the beautiful Gower peninsular, teaching all you need to know about safely moving your climbing outside. We covered route selection, belaying, threading the lower off and retreating from a climb, all in the glorious weather we get most of the time in our part of South Wales.

There's not a lot to learn to make to move outside, but it's best to learn it from someone who knows what they're doing - mistakes are not an option.

If you are looking to move your climbing outside then get in touch and we'll help you get there.

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