Navigation Made Easy

Posted by Matthew Woodfield on Friday, December 13, 2019 Under: Top Tips

Navigation Made Easy

My blog with the most hits is one on Navigation 10 Top Tips, which is well worth a read, but I’d like to make an update to some thinking on the “5 D’s of Navigation”.

The 5 D’s is a way to remember to think  about  the important aspects of each navigational leg, helping you stay focussed and reduce errors. But I’ve moved away from this model this year when teaching navigation on my skills courses and leadership awards.

The 5 D’s are: Direction, Distance, Duration, Description and Destination (or some people use Dangers or other alternatives). It doesn’t seem like much to remember, but when people are starting out I find that 5 things can be hard to remember.

My new Approach? Well, I’m trying to keep it simple.

Navigation is all about getting from A to B, to help you get there easily you just need to know:

·         Which Way is it? (Direction)

·         How Far is it? (Distance or Time, unusual to monitor both)

·         What Will You See? (Description of your route, its features and hazards)

I’ve found this approach to work well at all the levels I teach at, you can increase the complexity and depth of information for each question as required, or keep it super simple; head left for a couple of minutes and you’ll see the café round the corner, treat yourself, you deserve it!

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