Scrambling by the Sea

Posted by Matthew Woodfield on Monday, April 8, 2013 Under: Adventure report
A Scrambling Skills course - by the sea?

Thats what Robert from Hereford booked last week, a little unusual as venues go, but the crags of South Wales, Gower in particular have some surprises in store.

Scrambling is the fine line between walking and climbing, where judgement and skill are combined with adventure and exploration. Sometimes using your hands, and sometimes relying on them separates this activity from being just a walk in the hills. We spent the day looking at scrambling movement skills, safety equipment, using a rope and having a good time. 

With the hills to the north still covered in unseasonable snow, if you want to learn rock skill then South Wales is the place to be. 

Check out our website to see what we could offer you.

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