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Posted by Matthew Woodfield on Wednesday, December 19, 2012 Under: Updates
In anticipation of the new 'countryside' membership launching from the the National Trust in the new year, here are a few word I wrote for them about my experiences on Gower, lets hope they make the cut...

Some of the best rock climbing on Gower is found in the beautiful and secluded Fall Bay, on the south western corner of the peninsular. Soaring sheets of limestone rise from golden sands and crystal waters, creating a playground of rock and challenge for those seeking adventure.

Some years ago now, a friend and I were making the most of some Gower winter sunshine, choosing a rock climb that started from a small ledge just above the sea. We had abseiled down to the start of the climb and were busy sorting our when a rogue wave reared its head for the waters. It sprung without warning, rising up above our heads and splashing down upon us, rushing through clothes, down chests, all the way into our socks…

We picked the easiest way back to the top and dried off in the sunshine before attempting our next challenge, this time with a little more distance between us and Neptune’s wrath. I’ve spent many years climbing, walking and finding adventure on this little peninsular and around the world, but there’s something special about this place that keep bringing me back time and again. Maybe it’s because no matter what happens, you’ll either get a good experience, or a great story.

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