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The Third T in our climbers development series is Tactics.
This is all about using your knowledge to outwit the climb, rather than strength to overcome it.
By using a measured approach and making informed decisions climbing can become easier for you.
Tactics start with route choice, picking the right crag to go to, warming up before you climb at your limit and picking a route that's in condition, not a wet crack on a north facing wall in December. 
Before you jump on the rock its about route planning, where is your first bit of gear going, what gear are you taking up with you? You don't always need 2 sets of nuts, hexes and a set of cams for a bold 10m slab, but mirco wires may prove quite useful. 
On the wall its about route planning, heading the right way, moving in between gear, placing protection when your comfortable and knowing when to rest, even if you have to climb back down to a ledge. 

These decisions that are made on a day out climbing can make your life much easier and your climbing more efficient, meaning that without an increase in Training or Technique, you can climbing harder for longer.

Tactics can be one of the hardest parts of climbing to learn and understand. It takes years of practice and learning from your mistakes, or you can condense years of effort to a few days with an instructor, its not cheating, its tactics...

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