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Training is the first of the four T's of climbing development that we'll look at in this series, and the one that is often most focused on.
Training is about getting stronger, developing your muscles and better preparing your body for climbing. This element of climbing development has been the subject of thousands of books, articles and online debates, there is a wealth of information about training to be had, including the lists at the end of this article. 
Training can be broken down into a few categories:
Strength - Power - Endurance
By training our strength we are building muscle tissue that can be used to hold us on a wall, pull us up and make us move. Remember that size isn't everything, a small muscle with good recruitment is more efficient than a large, heavy, poorly trained muscle. 
Power is useful for things like dead points and dynos, where a sudden burst is needed. This comes from developing the fast twitch muscle fibers.
Endurance is the ability to keep going, to fight the pump and to keep making moves. This comes from developing the slow twitch muscle fibers.

There are many sources of information on this area from UKC to personal trainers, just remember, the best training for climbing, is to go climbing!

Tuesday nights at Dynamic Rock in Swansea are a good place to start, with a dedicated group training on the gym rings, working upper body, core and grip strength. 
Paul and Simon from run coaching classes and can offer great advice on getting strong and climbing better.
Further information:
Performance Rock Climbing - Dale Goddard & Uno Neumann good but slightly dated book.
Training for climbing - Horst. Good book, the guy also has a web site - lots of advice, and crazy rants in equal proportions on the forums about all aspects of training.

The next T will be Technique... Watch this space

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