The Changing Mountains - Beacons Way

Posted by Matthew Woodfield on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 Under: Adventure report
So recently I've been involved with the review of the long distance footpath that crosses the Brecon Beacons, looking at how to improve, simplify or problem solve where necessary. 
As part of this work I have to walk sections of the route, not a bad way to spend a day...

Yesterday I walked from Llangynidr to Story Arms Via Pen y Fan, 24km with over 100m height gain. Most of this was straight forward until the end when the weather turned a little "wintery" and my walking companion (Obi) and I found ourselves in a bit of a blizzard. Goggles would have been a good idea. 

I did apologise to Obi on the top, but he still wanted to play so things could not have been that bad.

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