The Pillars of Climbing Development

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The gap between the level at which you climb today and your potential limit is unknown.
You may feel like you have a long way to go, or that you already climb as hard as is possible, but either way there are four things that can hold you back, or push you forward and help reach your goals.

These 'Pillars of climbing development' are four distinct areas that support you're climbing ability. It is best to think of them as the legs of a chair, each as important as the others, and if one is not pulling its weight then you'll end up either falling off, or not getting on.

Many climbers are aware of one or two of the Pillars, but don't realise that their potential is being held back by not developing the others. I will go though the four Pillars in four separate articles over the coming weeks, remember that it is your weaknesses that hold back your strengths, so its time to face them...

The four Pillars are:
  • Training - the one everybody knows - (more pull ups will make me better stop me getting pumped!)
  • Technique - moving your body (you can reads books, watch others, practice, but unless you apply it s no good)
  • Tactics - making choices (when to rest, when to go, what route, up or down?)
  • Thinking - a psychological approach (focus, motivation, managing concerns)
Books have been written for decades on all of these areas, and some are well worth getting your hands on, (these will be mentioned in the articles), but this is the big picture, an overview of what it could be that is holding you back from your potential. 

If you have any questions about this or anything else about the great outdoors then get in touch, remember Outdoor Matters run a variety of climbing courses to suit your needs, be safe out there.

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