Navigation is the art of finding you way, using a map and compass to help you out.

We run navigation courses across South Wales to suit all levels, from taking your first steps with a map in hand, to advanced skills like night navigation.

Introduction to Navigation

Get lost? not any more... Learn the basics of using a map and compass to find your way around. This course is best suited to you if you want to start from the beginning, learn the core skills and leave out the really complicated stuff.  

Mountain Navigation

Navigate your way through the mountains and stray from the path well trod. Learn how to plan a route, then follow it with confidence using a whole host of navigational tools.

Advanced Navigation

So you think you can navigate? What about when it gets dark, when the cloud closes in and you can barely see the hand in front of your face, this is when you need the skills to stay safe. This advanced course builds on the skills from 'Mountain Navigation' to allow you to navigate in any conditions you might find your self in.

Group size: 1-6