Training and Skills courses for getting out into the outdoors including accredited courses and qualifications, from map reading in fields and forests to ropework for mountain scrambling.

NavigationLearn the skills needed to find you way, from rolling hill sides to craggy mountains. Our courses will build you up from footpath follower to mountain adventurer.

Mountain Skills: Learn the skills needed to safely start climbing mountains on your own. This course builds on Hill Skills and adds in managing hazards like craggy ground, rivers, and emergency situations. Everything you need to know to go further. Preparation, Navigation, Education. Simple things to help make the most of your time out there.

Lowland Leader Award:  A leadership award from Mountain Training aimed at those leading others in non mountainous areas of the UK, perfect for DofE, Schools, Charities and Youth Groups.  

Scrambling: Take the path less trodden to the summit, scrambling is the fine line between walking and climbing, its steep, exciting and a great way to see the beauty in the mountains. Join us for a guided day out, or a scrambling skills course to learn how to stay safe up there.

Tidal Validation: Top up your climbing quals to add in use of tidal crags with groups.