Matt Woodfield provides Technical Advice on activities including indoor climbing, rock climbing, walking, gorge walking and equipment inspection.

He is always happy to give advice, deliver in house training and help you to review your operating procedures. 

He can also help with outdoor filming and photography, including location finding and safety support.

My Approach:

  1. Review of all relevant procedures, risk assessments and safety policies relating to the activity being advised on
  2. On-site half day visit to discuss paperwork and inspect equipment being provided, including it’s storage and maintenance, followed by a half day observation of a session being delivered by centre staff
  3. Write up of findings and recommendations with report of visit
  4. Annual follow up by e-mail, at no charge, unless there are notable requirements for changes to be made, in which case a Year 2 visit would be requested
  5. A centre visit at Year 3 to ensure consistency and continuity of agreed paperwork and delivery

The cost for Technical Advice is £250/day plus travel. This includes all aspects of the Technical Advice visit and the associated report.

Please contact him to arrange a consultation.

Technical climbing equipment
Matt Woodfield - Technical Advisor